Story behind Exam Aasaan Hai

It was Jul 16, 2017, when I create Exam Aasaan Hai Youtube Channel. The aim was to help IGNOU MCA and BCA students with my experience. That time I was in the 4th semester of MCA in IGNOU. When I get admitted to IGNOU everyone said that it’s very tough to pass out from this university, very hard to score 60%, etc. And the interesting thing is that our faculties also told us the same thing. Everyone was talking about How to Pass, nothing else.

After finishing the first-semester exam I  realized that it’s not so much hard like everyone makes it. I started making planing and strategies for every exam, did self-study through YouTube, make suggestions myself and work on those suggestions. At the same time, I give suggestions to my friends, they got benefits from my suggestions. At that time I was also giving private tuitions to Computer Science students. So I had teaching experience also.

In the 4th semester, I had decided to open a YouTube channel and share my experience and suggestion with IGNOU students. Coz when I started learning from YouTube there was no suitable channel for IGNOU MCA or BCA. So that time I thought if I make a channel and give suggestions and tutorials related to IGNOU then lots of student will get helped. I know the tricks and strategies to clear exams. That’s why I decided to Make a YouTube channel. I gave one month for research before opening the channel and learn how things are working.

The next part was the channel name. I had select some spicy name for the channel. One of I remembered was ‘All Ignou Battelers’. Also, make some videos with this name but never upload it. The name Exam Aasaan Hai was inspired by one of the best motivational speakers Sandeep Maheshwari. The name gives you the thought to become fearless for your exam.

I had started uploading videos of MCS-011. But in the beginning, no views, as usual. It’s happened to every YouTuber. Then I stopped making videos coz no one is viewing. After a few days, I got a comment on a video, someone was asking for the next video. I was like WOW. Again I started making videos. Got 100 subscribers in 3 months.

I realized that there are some tough topics. I have to make videos on those topics. Then upload some numerical on MCS-012, got a good response. After that, make videos on UML diagrams and got a good response because at that time there were no suitable tutorials on UML diagrams.

After some time Arnab joins Exam Aasaan Hai. He makes mathematics videos. When the semester came we get an amazing response from students from IGNOU. Time goes and we get more love from students who got helped from Exam Aasaan Hai YouTube channel.

Now we realized that we need a website for students to get all notes, suggestions, and courses in one platform. We will create and all upload notes one by one and no one has to ask us for suggestions. They will come to this site and easily get their suggestions for the current semester.

So step by step we will upload everything according to your needs. We just need your support guys. Hope for the best. Let’s spread Exam Aasaan Hai all over and help others for their study.

Thank You.


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